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Crochet Unicorn #2 with Wings – Free Ravelry Pattern


Hermione #2! This time I went for pink with rainbow mane and tail. I think this version looks even better than the last one.

Here’s the link again for this pattern at Ravelry. Here is the link to the pattern for the added wings.

Skylanders Chompy Chompie Free Crochet Pattern


Crochet your own Chompies!

So my son is obsessed with Skylanders! But you can’t find any patterns for anything related to this game. So I decided to try to crochet him a Chompy, the small critter that features in the game. So, forgive me if this pattern is not 100% accurate as this is my first toy crochet pattern. The single crochets refer to the US version. If you have any problems with the instructions, please leave a comment or contact me and I’ll fix it/advise you. The teeth and fingers are just cut out from felt and sewn in. The eyes are just embroidered with a satin stitched.

Have fun with this little guy, it didn’t take too long to wip up, and uses less than half a ball of green dk yarn (100g), so leftovers would probably work.

He stands at 8″ high, including his eyes.

Each new line depicts a new row or round.

sc = single crochet
sc2tog = Single crochet 2 stitches together
ch = chain
sc2 in nxt = Increase
dcr = decrease

Skylanders Chompy

3.5 hook Hayfield Bonus DK yarn Shade 0886 100g Ball
Yarn colours needed Green, Red and Black.
Small felt pieces in green and white.

Hands Make 2
Ch16, sc into 1st chain to make a circle (now work in rounds)
sc round x2 (16 sts)
*sc2tog, sc2, *repeat to end (12sts)
sc round
sc2tog, sc2, repeat to end (9sts)
sc round x2
tie off
Flatten and sew in felt fingers using the picture as a guide.
Stuff and set aside

Feet Make 2

Magic circle 6 sts
2 sc in next each st. (12 sts)
*1sc, 2 sc in next st, *repeat to end (18sts)
sc2tog, sc 1, sc2tog, sc 1, sc2tog, sc 10.(15 sts)
sc 15. rows x4
*sc2tog, sc 3. *repeat x2. (12sts)
sc2tog, sc2, repeat x3 (9sts)
2sc in every st to end of row (18 sts)
*sc 1, 2sc in next st, *repeat to end (27 sts)
sc row
tie off 1st but not second.
Stuff and set aside

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Hermione the unicorn Crochet Pattern with wings – Free – Ravelry


Hermione the Unicorn

Check out this free pattern on Ravelry. It’s SO freaking cute, it’s not too difficult, but I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. The original pattern does not come with the wings pictured as I added those myself. If you’d like to add them too I have included the instructions in this post below. Enjoy!..

Wings – 3.5 Hook (Make 2)
Sc in 1st chain, skip 1 ch, sc in next 15 to end, ch2 turn.
Skip 1 st, sc in next and following 10sts
Slip st in next st, ch2, turn.
Skip 1 st, sc in next and following 3 sts.

chain 1, work 3 dc popcorn st in next stRepeat x5 .. Chain3, turn.

Make 3 Trebles in spaces between the popcorn sts already made below, slip st inside next popcorn st belowRepeat x3

Tie off + Sew on ..OR.. Slip st straight onto side of the body along top edge of the wing.

On the second wing you will want to push the popcorn stitches out the opposite way to the first wing. So you get a pair, and not two the same.

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Crochet – Coaster / Cover for alfresco dinning – Quick project


Stash Buster Project

Beaded Coaster or Cover

So, I was given a free book of crochet patterns. It was from the May 2010 ‘Let’s Knit’ Issue. I hadn’t picked up a crochet hook for a long time. Since I struggled to complete a blanket for my unborn son at the time. But as this seemed quite quick, I referred to my ‘how to’ book of crocheting and finished it in a flash! These would make excellent stocking fillers. You could easily convert them to look Christmas-ee. Sorry I mentioned the ‘C’ word already. But hey, you gotta be prepared. So many crafting options, so little time.

The beads I used were glass, but I should have used more or chosen a heavier bead so that they would weigh it down to bring out the shape better. You could, of course, use any colour combination. I just used what I had, and I just happened to only have white in 4 ply. The suggest you can use ribbon, but you could use any yarn you like. Just choose an appropriate hook and if your yarn or yarn substitute  is much thicker then make reduce the amount of rounds you make.

If you missed this issue and would like to get this pattern. It can be found in the book ‘Two Balls or Less’ by Jenny Hill. It’s RRP is about £12.99 and has over 30 simple crochet and knitting projects.

As an added note, the hook used is 3.5mm.