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Fimo Polymer Clay Skylanders Health Potion Bag Charm


I’ve been getting my groove on with polymer clay lately. I’ve only made a couple of little charms and such but I’m really liking it. I did buy myself polymer clay some time ago now, but I never got around to making anything with it. Whether I was scared to use up the cool colours, or just plain outta inspiration, I don’t know. I have a tendency to hoard favourite craft items for ‘something amazing’ and never end up using them. So I was determined to actually use the stuff, rather having it rot inside a box!

I was really surprised that my Fimo had not actually dried up. So I thought I’d share with you a charm I made for my son’s school rucksack. I used two different blues to get the right tone and mixed it 1:1 with transparent clay. I think I should have used a lot more transparent tho. I did however apply a coat of liquid Fimo clay. The ankh was drawn on afterwards with a blue promarker.

Skylanders Chompy Chompie Free Crochet Pattern


Crochet your own Chompies!

So my son is obsessed with Skylanders! But you can’t find any patterns for anything related to this game. So I decided to try to crochet him a Chompy, the small critter that features in the game. So, forgive me if this pattern is not 100% accurate as this is my first toy crochet pattern. The single crochets refer to the US version. If you have any problems with the instructions, please leave a comment or contact me and I’ll fix it/advise you. The teeth and fingers are just cut out from felt and sewn in. The eyes are just embroidered with a satin stitched.

Have fun with this little guy, it didn’t take too long to wip up, and uses less than half a ball of green dk yarn (100g), so leftovers would probably work.

He stands at 8″ high, including his eyes.

Each new line depicts a new row or round.

sc = single crochet
sc2tog = Single crochet 2 stitches together
ch = chain
sc2 in nxt = Increase
dcr = decrease

Skylanders Chompy

3.5 hook Hayfield Bonus DK yarn Shade 0886 100g Ball
Yarn colours needed Green, Red and Black.
Small felt pieces in green and white.

Hands Make 2
Ch16, sc into 1st chain to make a circle (now work in rounds)
sc round x2 (16 sts)
*sc2tog, sc2, *repeat to end (12sts)
sc round
sc2tog, sc2, repeat to end (9sts)
sc round x2
tie off
Flatten and sew in felt fingers using the picture as a guide.
Stuff and set aside

Feet Make 2

Magic circle 6 sts
2 sc in next each st. (12 sts)
*1sc, 2 sc in next st, *repeat to end (18sts)
sc2tog, sc 1, sc2tog, sc 1, sc2tog, sc 10.(15 sts)
sc 15. rows x4
*sc2tog, sc 3. *repeat x2. (12sts)
sc2tog, sc2, repeat x3 (9sts)
2sc in every st to end of row (18 sts)
*sc 1, 2sc in next st, *repeat to end (27 sts)
sc row
tie off 1st but not second.
Stuff and set aside

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