Personalised Knitted Baby Bib


Garter Stitch Bib

Ellie's Bib

Created using yarn leftovers, this bib is as easy as they come. I wanted to make something that would finish quickly as I haven’t knitted for a while. Still being a beginner I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I embroidered the front with left over wool from my stash. I used DK and 4mm needles. You can get this pattern from ‘Simply Knitting’ Magazine, issue 64 March 2010.

I created the embroidered design myself and used a blanket stitch as a decorative edge. You could do the same using the template below. Simply print out to size and pin to the garment and use back stitch or split stitch to outline the design. Fill the flower using laid stitches from the centre out.

Please note this bib is for keepsake only.

Download and print


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  2. A pretty bib but is it practical? I was just wondering with the frayed edges would the babies put them in their mouths and have a mouthful of fluff? They are beautiful though maybe to put on a doll?

  3. Thank for your response. This bib was made as a decorative piece, and kept for nostalgia. Wool isn’t ideal as a usable bib as food stuff gets ingrained/stained and would ruin the personalization. Altho, common sense says this bib is only decorative and is a keepsake. I will put a note on the post about your point. Thanks.

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