Easy – No Zip – Cushion Cover


How to make an easy no zip cushion cover

Cushion Cover

A no zip cushion is not only super easy but super safe for toddlers as they can’t scratch their faces on it. Here’s how I put this together.

I found that it was more expensive to buy the oblong shaped cushion inner than a larger square one. So I thought I’d just make one myself from one square inner.

For this cushion I took an Ikea INNER inner cushion 50cm x 50cm (20×20 Inches) and halved it so I could make two cushions for my sons toddler bed. To do this you can mark the centre with a pen both sides. Using running stitch follow the line you’ve drawn and tie off. This will help squish the poly fill down so you can run a machine over it. Make a channel using the line as a guide and cut down the centre of this channel sealing and separating the two halves.

If using different inner cushions for this project you need to measure the longest side and double this number and add 5 inches to get the length of material you will need. Then measure the shortest and add 0.5 inches this will be your width. Otherwise follow the measurement below. I always use a ¼ Inch seam allowance. All my measurement include this unless stated.

43″ x 10″ Piece of Fabric of your choice (includes enough for an overlap)
Sewing Thread
Sewing Machine (optional, but would be quicker)
Measuring Tape


Step 1

Double over the hem on the 10″ end as pictured. Pin in place. Repeat on the other end of the fabric so both ends are the same. This should cut the length to 42″.





Step 2

Step 2 Alt. View

Overlap each end as pictured by 2 inches and pin into place.







Step 3

Continue to pin both sides with right sides facing.







Step 4

Sew the edges up using a straight stitch ¼″ from the edge.

Use a zigzag type stitch to finish the edges so they don’t fray in the wash.

Turn right side out and insert your inner cushion.

The finished product should look like this.





For accurate measurements always iron your fabric before use.

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  1. What a great idea! you could make a variety of scatter Cushion’s for a toddlers bed and it would make it comfortable to play on and sit and read rather than sitting on the floor if they dont have a table and chair. I love the simplicity of the making of it.
    Would it be easy to sew if you dont have a machine or would you recommend getting someone to sew it for you?
    Also this can be adapted for older childrens or even adults beds by adding ribbon and things as extra decoration.
    great job!

  2. Thanks for your comment, and yes this is very easy to hand sew!
    As for adult and teen bedding, these are small enough to take advantage of bargain bins in your local fabric shop. Get some unusual textures teamed with lace make excellent choices for a feminine touch. A great gift for valentines even. x

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  4. I would just like to know where you purchased the black and white checkered material as I am going to make bunting for my (car mad) young grandson’s bedroom and am unable to find where to buy the checkered material. Can you help please?

    • Hey there, I got this from ebay as I had exactly the same problem. They seem to have some on there at the moment. I don’t know why shops don’t stock this print, I had the same problem with wallpaper too. Hope you find something suitable! x

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