Angel Bear – Knit bears for UK Children – Charity


‘…because we care’

Unfortunately, it appears this charity no longer exists. Please check official sources before thinking of contributing.
Angelbear is a non-profit organisation which is the notion that all children in a vulnerable position should own a teddy bear.

The lovely lady who runs this heart-felt project is very helpful when you ask about the bear and it’s pattern. If you need any help, she has a tutorial page that shows you all the basic stitches you need to complete the bear. But rest assured this is a suitable pattern for a beginner and knits up pretty quick.

I felt that I MUST make a teddy bear to contribute to this goal. She’s provides a pattern in which each bear should be based on. But if you have the ability you can change the pattern textures to any you like. This sort of thing really appeals to me so I took it upon myself to create a teddy bear with lots of pattern and texture. I wrote this pattern down. You can find it here. Feel free to use this pattern for non-profit and is suitable for this project too.

Visit the Angelbear website for more information on how to get involved.

All you need is some double knitting yarn in a couple of colours where possible and a pair of 4mm needles, a darning needle and polyester toy stuffing. Non of these items are all that expensive and most crafters will have most if not all of these items already. Just make sure they are new or freshly laundered

An ideal way to use up any leftover yarns you have and put a smile on a child’s face, which is worth more than anything!

My bear is already in the post. I urge you to get knitting too.


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  2. Id love to join you all knitting bears for the kids but im not the best knitter i can only do scarves and i done a baby blanket for my gorgeous 5 week old niece yahooo i can only do plain and purl . Im sorry ye dont need my crappy knittin lol but wud like to try with yer help !!!!!!!!

    • Hi there! The bears are really simple.All you really need to learn is knit and purl. Try checking out some of the tutorials that are on youtube. That’s where I go if I get stuck with a stitch technique. Let me know how you get on.
      Try out the original Angel Bear pattern. It is just basic rectangle shapes that are folded over, sewn and stuffed with poly stuffing. Also, they are quick because they are small in size =] Happy Knitting!

  3. I started knitting Angel bears last year, I sent off my first batch in August 2100, and since then I have now sent 300. I am hooked on knitting them. I was advised by my doctor to do something that would de stress me at the end of the day, following a mini stroke, and this is perfect. My next 20 will be in the post next week. When I first started sending them I would get an e mail after about a week, from Judy, letting me know that they had arrived safely, but just recently I have been waiting weeks for notification. That hasn’t put me off knitting them though.I just think of the pleasure that the children get, when they receive a bear from such a great organisation.

  4. Sorry, my previous post should have read, I started knitting Angel bears last year, I sent off my first batch in August 2011 (not August 2100) oops.

  5. Hi its Melanie from Angelbear. A massive thanks to Lynda for all her hdd work and just a quick note to explain why the thank you’s are held up. This is two-fold but rest assured that every single bear is sent to kids in critical situations on a regular basis.

    When I first started AB it was just me and my computer but it has grown so massively that we now get up to 1,000 bears every week. Obviously I try to get all thank you’s out as soon as possible but there are still only two of us running AB and we are both single mums (I have 5 children & am also nurse again) with jobs.

    AB is hoping to be better funded soon later this year which will enable us to have a team of dedicated project workers who can ensure that all acknowledgements of receipt of bears arrive much much faster but in the meantime please know that every bear is very needed, very loved and very appreciated by us!



  6. can yoy give me instructions on how to knit the ears forthe angelbear in the pattern it row 2 loop stitch what is loop stitch thank you pat furniss

    • Hiya, yes.. Loop stitch is where you literally loop the yarn over your left index finger before you make your regular knit stitch. That is basically it. If you ‘google’ loop stitxh, or search how to loop stitch on you tube. That will probably be more helpful than a written explination. Thanka for your comment and question. X

  7. Hi, my last 2 parcels of bears posted to Boston Lincs address, sent back to me, has something happened to your charity?

  8. Hi, I also sent a parcel of bears in February and had it returned. It is a shame if the charity is not running any more as I enjoyed making the bears and felt it was helping in some way. I suppose it was a really massive undertaking for a small charity to manage though. Doe’s anyone have any information about what happened to them?

  9. I work for Lincolnshire Police as a Community Safety Officer and we too had supplies of Angel Bears for some of our Community projects involving children. Can I just say if anyone has completed Angel Bears, I would be more than happy to accept at Police Headquarters and put them to really good uses.

    Gill Finn, Community Safety Officer, Police Headquarters, Nettleham, Lincolnshire, LN5 7PH, email

    (I am currently trying to find out what happend to the charity too)

  10. I know of several organisations that sent bears and received no feedback, however, the bears were not returned. it would be a great shame if this group no longer existed. Are the police still happy to take bears directly?

    • Yes we are more than happy to receive the bears at Police Headquarters, Deepdale Lane, Nettleham, LN5 7PH for my attention please. Gill Finn Community Safety Officer

  11. Our craft club are knitting bears for Lincolnshire Police. They use them to comfort children who are involved in traffic accidents to calm them down. They know them as trauma bears. They need 500 before September 2014, so please help them.

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