Home Baked Gift Ideas. Printable Free Butterscotch and Gingersnaps Cookie Recipe


Gingersnap and Butterscotch Cookie Recipe Gift Box


This is a super cool way of giving home-made cookies as a gift. You can recycle containers or gift boxes you have received. If you have the budget you could use a mixing bowl as your ‘basket’ and line with tissue paper. See below for more ideas for your ‘basket’.

To pad out a very deep bowl or basket you can roll tissue paper into flattened balls and stick them with very small pieces of double sided tape just to anchor them. Cover with shredded tissue or a raffia and layer your cookies on top.






Click to enlarge and print

Print out the recipe as pictured onto photo paper or nice card stock. This can be used as part of your gift. Either place inside the basket, or place it into the envelope with your card. Alternatively, you can roll the recipe card up and tie with a ribbon. It prints best at no smaller than 5″x7″. Wrap up the whole thing with a large piece of clear plastic wrap that you can buy at craft stores and finish with a lovely bow.

Alternatively I have used small cake and cookie bags to wrap these up if I know it will be a day or two before you will be gifting. Rather than leaving them loose inside a basket as they will go stale rather quickly like that. Just stack them tall so they look really neat and seal with the tie that comes with them.


Click to enlarge and print to size

To add more decoration I’ve sprinkled white chocolate stars loose inside the bag as they look really cute.

These really do taste delicious. They are a tried and tested recipe and super easy!

Ideal Containers

  • Gift Box
  • Basket
  • Cookie Jar
  • Recycle and decorate a selection box/tin
  • Extra Large Mug
  • Small storage tubs
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Sweet/Candy dish
  • Cake/cookie stand
  • Shallow baking tray
  • Small serving tray

Great Fillers

  • Mixing Spoon
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Cookie Timer
  • Line with a cute tea towel instead of tissue paper

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