Patchwork Square Pincushion – Ideal Gift


Make a pincushion

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I was asked to make a pincushion for my Aunt. Her favourite colours are black and white so that gave me my starting block. I think choosing fabric, is sometimes the hardest bit. I knew how I wanted it to look, so I winged it from there.

This is a rough guide to how it was made. It really is a simple design tho, let me know if you try this.

What you’ll need
½ metre (roughly) Ribbon
1 or 2 Buttons
2-3 Different Patterned Fabric (I used quilting cotton)
3.5″ square of Felt (any colour, but try not to be too contrasting if you can see it through the fabric)
Coordinating Sewing thread
Toy stuffing
Quilting Square (optional, but easier)

Overall it measures 3″ square.

Using a quilting square, measure a 3.5″ square in one solid piece for the back of the cushion.

Cut out 4 2″ squares the top. These measurements give you a ¼” seam allowance.

Quilt the small squares together in a patchwork style and then sew the felt to the back side (ws together).  Sew together the top and bottom pieces together right side facing, leaving at least a one inch gap on the side to turn out.

At this point I stuffed the cushion, but in hindsight, I probably should have added the ribbon first. You can add the ribbon by hand stitching it in the centre, wrapping it around tightly so it pulls the sides in a little to give it shape. Stitch this securely. Go around the cushion again just to the other side this time for the loop. Sew the ribbon closed at the edge where it meets the cushion.

Sew on the Buttons. As I stuffed mine first, I stitched the centre so that it dipped in to give it a nice shape.

If you haven’t already, stuff with toy stuffing and sew up the gap.

This can be made completely by hand, but will be quicker with a machine.

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