Mother Bear Project – Knitted Bear – Charity


On its way!

yippee.. one down!

I finally got around to finishing this bear. I’m super happy with it, and glad it has been posted out today. My son adored it and tried to cuddle it while I was still knitting! That just made me think of how I just had to get it finished in time for this weekends post. So it can be safely delivered into a child’s arms.

This is the first ‘Mother Bear Project’ Bear I’ve completed, but it’s not the last. I will knit a ‘boy’ bear next, I think. Any suggestions on the outfit would be fab!

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  1. She is adorable, and the fact that your son was falling in love while you were making it shows that it should be popular with whomever eventually ends up with it. Will you post a pic of your boy bear too?

  2. How difficult was this? I know I would have to buy the pattern to see…but I’m a beginner with little kids. So I often have to put the project down—risking losing my place during complicated patterns—you know?

    • Hiya, this pattern is quite basic. It’s knit as one piece as far as I remember. Just with colour changes and increases. If you mark your rows off on a spare bit of paper as you go, I find that helps with keeping track of where you are. If you need any help with the instructions just let me know! X

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