Easy Craft Project – Felt Egg Cosy Cactus Fun for Kids


Quick Cactus Egg Cosy

Egg Cosy

If you would like to try this project here are the directions to make one cosy.

What you’ll need
2.5″ x 9″ Green Felt
Scraps of Coloured Felt for the Flower
Selection of Embroidery Thread in Beige and another coloured thread.
45 Silver Lined Sead Beads or whatever colour you would like
Felting Needle will help with the hand sewing, they are pyramid-shaped.
Templates Below

Cut out 3 arches that measure 3″ in width and 2.5″ in height. These templates should print out to size.

Pin these together at the curved sides and blanket stitch 2 of the edges together using the beige thread leaving on open edge. Don’t forget to split your threads so your working with a 3 ply thread or it will be too thick. Alternatively you could glue them using a fabric glue.

Cut out a flower shape  in a coloured felt. Match up the ‘half flowers’ and insert the bottom into the gap of the non-stitched side and blanket stitch over the edge as pictured

Position the leftover flower onto the two ‘half flowers’ and sew using coloured thread in a circle. This is decorative and holds it in place.

Sew approx 15 Beads onto each side on the cactus, spacing them evenly. See pictures as a guide.

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