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Fathers Day – Modern Embroidered Hand Silouettes gift idea Update

Fathers Day – Modern Embroidered Hand Silouettes gift idea Update

Personalized Fathers Day Gift

Overview of Embroidery

I said I’d update you all on my Father’s Day project for my hubby from my 2yr old son. I started the embroidery yesterday afternoon. I was surprised how quickly it grew. It’s pictured here with the mount i intend to use. I used two shades of a silvery grey. The canvas I used is slightly off-white. But that’s ok, it’s not as contrast as it looks in the picture.

Below is a picture guide to how I went about this. Any suggestions for the bottom right hand corner would be good. Or even if this should be filled in. I did want to reference the year and a father son quote that relates to the hands.

Please let me know what you think below.

Draw around hand cut out with light pencil

Check the composition of the hands with your frame or mount.

Using a large embroidery hoop, choose one hand to start with and move the hoop accordingly.

I used backstitch for my son's hand and outline stitch for my hubby's hand.

Patchwork Square Pincushion – Ideal Gift


Make a pincushion

Click to Enlarge

I was asked to make a pincushion for my Aunt. Her favourite colours are black and white so that gave me my starting block. I think choosing fabric, is sometimes the hardest bit. I knew how I wanted it to look, so I winged it from there.

This is a rough guide to how it was made. It really is a simple design tho, let me know if you try this.

What you’ll need
½ metre (roughly) Ribbon
1 or 2 Buttons
2-3 Different Patterned Fabric (I used quilting cotton)
3.5″ square of Felt (any colour, but try not to be too contrasting if you can see it through the fabric)
Coordinating Sewing thread
Toy stuffing
Quilting Square (optional, but easier)
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Valentines gift for him! – Easy Stuffed Magnets


Valentines Personalized Magnet

Valentine Magnet

What could be more manly than a magnet? Ok, maybe a few things, but as far as valentines go, there isn’t much choice for men. Men, in general, don’t really care about flowers, chocolates and cute teddy bears. So I decided to make a magnet for my hubby.

It was a relatively easy as far putting it together. If you have a crafty stash this will be an ideal project to use those scraps and odd ends up.


Sharp Scissors
Small scraps of lightweight fabric
Iron-on fusible webbing
Buttons or embellishments
Embroidery thread
Polyester toy stuffing
2 – 12mm dia  x 3mm thick – (110 grams pulling force each)
Sewing Machine (optional)

Cut out two heart-shaped pieces of fabric, they don’t have to match. You can experiment with different colours or just use a plain coloured fabric on the back.

Print out a name or a word you want used on the heart, such as; love, xoxo, ur gr8, txt me, nicknames would work great too, etc. What word you use all depends on the size you choose to do. Remember the larger the piece the stronger the magnet you need. To be safe, I used two on mine.

Cut out the letter on fusible webbing and arrange them on your hearts. Make sure you leave room for your seam. ¼″ is usually enough. Press for a couple seconds, long enough for it to bond.

Sew the magnets on the inside of the back heart fabric. I don’t have a picture but just sew over the magnets until they are trapped in a web of thread. This way you won’t have magnets showing or messy glue to deal with.

Back detail

Here is detail of the back so you can see how it looks with the magnets sewn in.

Next you will want to embellish the front of your heart with little ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’. I used tiny buttons as ‘O’s’ and threaded them on using a coloured embroidery thread. You can embroider anything you feel right to your valentine.

Turn the right sides of the two heart pieces together. Pin to secure and sew straight stitch to seal, remember when you sew up to leave at least an inch so you can turn it out after. I recommend leaving the gap on the straight edge of the heart so it will be easier to sew up. For best appearances trim the inside corners and curved edges, where the fabric is likely to make the outside look crumpled.

Stuff as much stuffing as you would like inside into your mini cushion shape. Sew up the gap.

You’re done! An intermediate sewer could do this within the hour too!

Easy – No Zip – Cushion Cover


How to make an easy no zip cushion cover

Cushion Cover

A no zip cushion is not only super easy but super safe for toddlers as they can’t scratch their faces on it. Here’s how I put this together.

I found that it was more expensive to buy the oblong shaped cushion inner than a larger square one. So I thought I’d just make one myself from one square inner.

For this cushion I took an Ikea INNER inner cushion 50cm x 50cm (20×20 Inches) and halved it so I could make two cushions for my sons toddler bed. To do this you can mark the centre with a pen both sides. Using running stitch follow the line you’ve drawn and tie off. This will help squish the poly fill down so you can run a machine over it. Make a channel using the line as a guide and cut down the centre of this channel sealing and separating the two halves.

If using different inner cushions for this project you need to measure the longest side and double this number and add 5 inches to get the length of material you will need. Then measure the shortest and add 0.5 inches this will be your width. Otherwise follow the measurement below. I always use a ¼ Inch seam allowance. All my measurement include this unless stated.

43″ x 10″ Piece of Fabric of your choice (includes enough for an overlap)
Sewing Thread
Sewing Machine (optional, but would be quicker)
Measuring Tape


Step 1

Double over the hem on the 10″ end as pictured. Pin in place. Repeat on the other end of the fabric so both ends are the same. This should cut the length to 42″.





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Boys KRITTER Chair seat cushion cover project


Checkered Flag Cushion

Children’s Ikea Furniture Foam Seat and Cover

1 piece of 10″x10″x1″ Seating Foam
(2)  10.5″ square pieces of fabric
(1)  1.5″ x 42″ strip of fabric
43″ + 23″ length of Bias Binding or piping strips
Black or Red Sewing Thread
Sewing Machine
Sewing Pins





10x10 Foam

10.5x10.5 Inch Fabric and Long Strip

Binding or Similar Cording








Instruction Guide:
These are not exact instructions. But hopefully will provide you with enough of a guide to try it out yourself.

Pin pieces together

Pin your pieces together rights sides facing with your cording wedge between them. Remember that the fold in your binding or cording has to be put right edge inside.  So when turned out it is facing the right way.

The shortest length of edging will be at the back. Each of the ties are 6.5 inches in length. The rest of the edging will run from the back  right round the front back to the other side at the back.




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Easy Wall decor – disney cars – boys room


I am currently overhauling my little boys room. Disney Cars is the chosen theme. Here are some ideas of how to arrange the wall art stickers you can buy. This pack is available at amazon.co.uk Search: Decofun Cars Wall Stickers Room Kit. The wallpaper was purchased from http://rolling-borders.com/

Disney Cars Bedroom Decor

Cars Theme Decoration

Light Switch Decoration

Use any extras on your furniture to tie them in to the Decor

Black and white theme pram quilt


Pram Quilt

First time quilting

Decided to share a project I worked on for my son. I had never quilted anything before so this was a great achievement for me. I didn’t use a pattern as it is quite basic in design. Really enjoyed it tho, have a few more ideas in the pipe line. Want to be more adventurous as far as quilting goes.

Now I have a baby niece I guess I have the greatest excuse in the word to go all crazy cute!

Please post your baby related quilts and patchwork creations. I would really love to see them, let me know what prompted you to make them too.

Also, do any of you have any ideas of what you do with all those tiny scraps, and odd leftover shapes of fabric? I have a huge bag of them! Thanks.

Click on the thumbnails for get a better view