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Black and white theme pram quilt


Pram Quilt

First time quilting

Decided to share a project I worked on for my son. I had never quilted anything before so this was a great achievement for me. I didn’t use a pattern as it is quite basic in design. Really enjoyed it tho, have a few more ideas in the pipe line. Want to be more adventurous as far as quilting goes.

Now I have a baby niece I guess I have the greatest excuse in the word to go all crazy cute!

Please post your baby related quilts and patchwork creations. I would really love to see them, let me know what prompted you to make them too.

Also, do any of you have any ideas of what you do with all those tiny scraps, and odd leftover shapes of fabric? I have a huge bag of them! Thanks.

Click on the thumbnails for get a better view

Great textured Quilt


Stumbled across this blog featuring a cute quilt, visit http://thequiltedfish.typepad.com/the-quilted-fish/2010/01/fresh-from-the-oven.html to see this lovely quilt created by Amanda Herring

An awesome example of texture. Great colour scheme, definitely one to check out! Can’t go wrong when you use the beautiful fabrics from http://www.modabakeshop.com

Moda Bake Shop